Monday, February 02, 2009

Older Sketchpages

Here's a little guy in a tube. Drawn for a training game at the university of illinois at urbana/champaign (click for a larger image).

Brain-eating zombies. They're a blast to draw, and so simple to please = just add brains.

Hah! I drew this guy last year while sitting in a waffle-house outside of Nashville TN. I have no idea what I intended to do with him, but his mustache was most definatly Nashville inspired.

Cow-man-thing. Hmm - no explanation for this one.

These gal's were drawn for fun. This looser style is something I get a big kick out of. I was messing around with costume's here - trying to get some variety of texture and usage. Thus we have both an asternaught and a head-toting call-girl.

Did this watercolor piece on a beach in Ft. Myers Beach FL. It was a beautiful day to draw some zombies.

Just a sketch page - no real focus here. I like the scarred up lady in the lower-right. She turned out scary but pretty.

Hah! Crazy robot-footed women! I like the lady vaulting over the rocks - there's a Tarzan thing going on there. I would have liked to capture the movement a little better, because I think it looks like she's just kind of balancing, while I wanted her to be moving.

Tree-legged woman with a zombie thrown in there. I default to zombies pretty often.

Pen and ink lighting exercises here - I love pen and ink. I think it's because everything looks 'done', and it goes really fast. I also like to write fiction, and will (when no one's looking) talk in the voice of the folks I'm drawing. Apparently I decided to record some of what these guy's were 'saying'.

Bolts and pipes! This is an older sketch-page I did as practice for a training game which involved... bolts and pipes.

This guy's new - I really like the man on the left. I was initially thinking 'zombie' but ended up going with 'hook-hand'. The brain-pipe thing to his left? I have no idea, but I do think the sod attached to the bottom of the pipe could provide some nutrients.

I'm reading my way through a good book called Drawing Words and Writing Pictures. The chapter I'm on suggests I develop a three to five panel comic strip, and the image above is my thumbnail. I liked it so I threw it in with the rest.

Ah monsters. I drew these guys while watching M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening. I think I was subconsciously expressing my wish that his movies were scarier.

I like this guy - I may develop him further if I can figure out what sort of job I want to give him.

Did this while camping in Utah - the Wasatch Range is beautiful! I would return there anytime.


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