Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Here I'm playing with turning a crossbow's mechanics on it's side. There a few downsides to this; there's no foregrip (which could be solved with a bi-pod for prone shooting) and you can't manually pull the string back (thus the crank that's built into the stock). The upside being that it's more compact. The other gun uses forced-vapors as a delivery system for something or other, and would most likely require the user wear a gas-mask or ventilator.

This was for a Daily Sketch Group challenge on the conceptart.org forums. We were supposed to draw an intimidating individual with a deceptively cute t-shirt. I mulled the idea over for awhile, wanting to justify the cute t-shirt's existence while still following the guidelines of the challenge. This very rough image is what I came up with; a human-baiting version of a deep sea angler fish. Evolution has morphed this creatures facial appendages to resemble a little girl with a giant inflatable-ball, thus luring in curious human pray. My favorite part of the image is the creatures crossed arms (and the 'little girls' tooth-legs).

Another Daily Sketch Group challenge on the conceptart.org forums. For this one we needed to make a vehicle with a massive gun. According to my fiancee the image is confusing; what I intended to depict is a small city floating around on a huge spherical weapon, which is about to destroy a spire-like city. I should do more of these challenges.

Here we have some gools! I was drawing a graveyard scene and needed some creeps hanging around. I ended up not using these two, but like them anyway.